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Rich Reddick, Southbridge Police Officer and K9 Handler

Hi,  my name is Rich Reddick and I am a police officer and K9 handler for the Town of Southbridge.  In August 2017 , I was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had metastasized to my aortic artery  and lung, which required intense chemotherapy treatment.  I was told that I would not be able to work for months which was extremely concerning since I was the main provider for my family which was my main concern over my health.  After a few surgeries,  I started treatment at St. Vincent Cancer Center, which is an amazing environment for cancer treatment, when Jonathan Daige, from the Thin Blue Ride reached out to me.  Jonathan was extremely sympathetic to my situation since he was a Worcester Police Officer who had battled and beat cancer recently.   On behalf of the Thin Blue Ride, Jonathan provided me and my family with a monetary donation which was unexpected and helped with mounting medical bills.  The financial support I received was appreciated but what really touched me and my family was the emotional support Jonathan offered constantly.  Jonathan called me routinely and offered to visit and bring food while I was receiving chemotherapy treatments at St. Vincent Cancer Center.   When my journey began, Jonathan and I were strangers, but he and his organization helped me and my family through this difficult time. I encourage everyone to support him and his organization with the incredible work that they do for compete strangers.  There’s no better feeling than having support from people who help pick you up when life has knocked you down.   No one ever wants to hear that they have cancer but it is amazing  that a having a disease can create such amazing friendships that would have never been formed without being diagnosed in the first place.  Me and my family are extremely appreciative to the Thin Blue Ride and Jonathan for all their support.

Officer Rich Reddick
Southbridge Police Department
K9 Unit

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