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Team Thin Blue Ride

Anita Shaw, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Anita met JD 13 years ago the very same night she met her Husband Eric, childhood friend of JD.

Anita brings extensive marketing, events and PR experience to Thin Blue Ride. 

She has worked for both Large Corporations as well as Start Up companies. She currently is a mom blogger and marketing consultant. Her best friend Deanna is currently kicking stage 4 cancer where the sun don't shine.

Cara Valeri, Director of Administration


Cara met JD 3 years ago through his aunt at a Crossfit event supporting Team RWB, where she was the Chapter Captain of the Worcester Chapter. 

Cara brings extensive human resource and administrative experience to Thin Blue Ride. She has worked for both public and private organizations ranging from size. Cara is currently a Senior Analyst supporting a Global HRIS system for a global 55,000 employee organization. 

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